About Us


Today business prospects have changed and at every level of business customer is asking for reliability on products and services with genuine pricing. Everyone need to be happy with their interior look and feel but what is preventing them is budget. If a customer can get perfect interior at perfect price with one the best professional team. Here comes Flamingo as a good and perfect interior solution company with good pricing.

 We have seen people are spending money on products and services but never get value for money. We are being into same market and within same parameter, one item with same quality is being charged differently. Only reason we found is selection of good company or vendor to do your work.

What We Do

We are picking up best quality raw material available and preparing a perfect product to enhance your interior with reliability on products. Every product is based out of experience and competitive products available in market. We always keep in our mind what kind of look and feel customers like and accordingly we have created our products.

One most important point we have kept in our mind that every product should be easy to use and with low maintenance.

The Company

We are located at heart and best commercial city of India i.e. Delhi. All facilities to transportation and services are easy to handle through available sources.

Product Value

For us value of product is what you can compare with any company or manufacturer. You will always rate Flamingo at top level in terms of services and products.

For customers our product value is satisfaction level through our products. A customer should feel value of Flamingo in his daily life so that he can be recommendable for us.